Hello, my name is Viktor Sec and this is my life.

Inspired by the amazing work of Dustin Curtis.

I was born in Bratislava just before the midnight on April the 6th, 1992.

I made my first steps in January, 1993.

1996: I hated crèche, but I loved computers already. This had a huge impact on my life later.

I went to Bajkalská primary school at the age of 6. I didn't like it there much either.

I switched to SMND, school for gifted children on September the 2nd, 2000. This turned out to be an incredibly great choice. I also created this webpage.

In 2002 my parrents divorced.

Later that year I started high school in the same facility.

My lovely sister Ema was born in June, 2006.

We bought our first cat, Nikita on a rainy Saturday, April, 2008.

My next sister Mia came to this world one year later in August, 2009.

This was around the time, I became an Apple enthusiast.

In April, 2010 Niki had kittens. Amelie found her home in our family.

Following month, 2010 I graduated and went study Informatics at Comenius University.

In early 2011 I finally got my driving licence.

In the fall of 2012 I moved in with my friend Alex. I also started to work at Unicorn Systems.

I died on September the 12th, 2065 in my hovercraft because of an heart attack.

My name was Viktor Sec and this was my life.

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